Waking Up in America

With host Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard

Truth & Breaking News on Restore America

Join Dr. Val & Dr. Debbie Ringchop as they dialogue with Tim Turner (one of the Guardian Elders of the Republic) and CW Wright, the California State Co-ordinator for The Restore America Plan. Dr. Val is one of the grand jurors for California. Get the information here to sort our fact from fantasy.

Listen to mp3 in real time: Truth and Breaking News on Restore America

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Restoring the American Republic, Part III

Restoring the American Republic, Part III" – The Spiritual Dimensions of the Plan with Regan Reedy

Regan shares the basic dichotomy of the two options that were facing the American people: the pathway of total destruction, and the current plan of peaceful transition, which is now prevailing. He lays out the profoundly spiritual goals of the plan, the return of time to focus on family and to develop spiritual consciousness, and the extraordinary abundance available to the American people as the enjoyment of the fruits of their own labor. Regan also tells the tale of his own battle with the IRS.

Regan Reedy is one of the Guardian Elders and architect of a new Declaration of restoration and reinhabitation of the free republics of the United States of America.

Listen in Real Time: Part III

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